A research facility for the study of epigenetics, chromatin structure and genome biology

Epicenter Research Groups



The Bennetzen Lab (Room C426)  

Transposable elements and their roles in genome structure and evolution



The Dawe Laboratory (Room B412) 

Maize genetics, genomics and cell biology as it relates to centromere function.



The Goll Laboratory (Room B406) 

Mechanisms of chromatin regulation in early vertebrate development



The Lewis Laboratory (Room B404) 

Control and function of repressive chromatin domains in fungi  



The Meagher Laboratory (Room B424) 

Epigenetic factors contributing to obsesity



The Sabatini Laboratory (Room A422) 

DNA modification and histone variant function in African Trypanosomes



The Schmitz Laboratory (Room B416) 

Comparative epigenomics – function and evolution of DNA methylation in eukaryotes



The Zhang Laboratory (Room B410) 

Plant epigenetics and epigenomics